Since I’d pulled all the good type from my Printers Pie, I figured it was time to organise all of the various spaces and quotations that were left into size and width. I’m currently holed up at home following some leg surgery, so what better use of time than sorting through a pile of lead. There was around 20kg to go through, I could be here a while.

About 30 minutes in I started to see something unexpected. Some of these spaces were actually really beautiful. I may have gone too far this time with my geekery but, whilst I love the appeal of a wooden or metal typeface, there’s something really pleasing about the detail put into something that is effectively just a space. It will never print, never get a moment of glory, never be sought after by the masses on eBay. So, I thought I’d take some pictures of the impressive detail – I especially like the Stephenson Blake quads in this set with their ‘S.B & Co’ logo, with the height of the space. Nice.

Now back to sorting, more pics after the break…