Welcome to Letterpresser

Welcome to Letterpresser. Now I know that isn’t a technical term, but it was the best I could think of that summed up my adventures. I’m a print geek stuck in a digital world, trying desperately to go manual.

I’ve been a fan of letterpress since my days at the University of Reading, where I studied Typography & Graphic Communication and spent many an hour playing with their printing collection (It was a treasure trove of type and presses). Since graduating I have longed to carry on my passion for ‘old fashioned printing’ and for many years I would pick up an item of interest here and there.

A few years back, I managed to get hold of an Adana 8×5 and its little brother, the 5×3, along with a 60kg box of pied type. Due to lack of storage in my little apartment in London these laid unused in my parents garage until I could find some space. That type is now fully sorted after hours upon endless hours of combing and sifting, and I have added more acquisitions to my collection including a floor-standing Peerless no.2 platen press.

This blog is intended to document my adventure with letterpress, the things I learn, what inspires me, and to store my progress with letterpress.

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