Typique letterpress shop, Amsterdam

By May 11, 2015Letterpress

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I was recommended by Armina Ghazaryan to visit Typique – a letterpress shop in the City Centre. Run by Rene Treumann since 1967. This shop is the first time I have seen a street-facing commercial print business. I wasn’t disappointed.

From the street you could see some great prints and type in the window and the hint of a few small presses. On entering we met Rene and he told us to snoop around. Exciting!

Upstairs we saw some incredible reduction prints and a couple of huge German Korrex proof presses, had a look around some more work and bought a couple of memento postcards. It was then that we were told to head downstairs into the basement that I’d somehow missed. Rene Had a couple more proof presses and wall-to-wall type, including several hand-cut founts that I’d give my left leg to print with.

I also noticed one of the most unique type-organising techniques I’ve ever seen. Staking them high and painting the character on the foot. It was then that I saw the boxes – stack upon stack of wood letter neatly organised into a wall of type. Drool.

Definitely recommend a visit if ever you’re in Amsterdam. A million times nicer than the seedy bits…


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