A printers worst nightmare…

By August 31, 2012Equipment, Letterpress

Was happily printing away this morning, the press was oiled and running smoothly, and I was not printing with too much impression… then an almighty crack. The bracket holding the ink disk just gave way. Maybe 100+ years of printing have taken its toll, but there wasn’t too much pressure, save the roller springs, so I have no idea why it suddenly gave way.

I’ll update more later, but all is not lost – it’s a small piece that has cracked, which doesn’t effect printing (aside from the inking mechanism), and I know just the man to fix it. Really sad about this for now, but I’m sure it’ll print again soon! Bugger. More images after the jump…


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  • I saw that you had postings showing the 3D recreation of the part, but I could not readily find confirmation that you had installed the part and it works fine (and has broken). You stated that the strength of the 3D replacement may be stronger than the original iron cast part. It would be great to have your attestation to that fact. Thank you.

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