For New Year’s Eve we were invited to our friends’ wedding celebrations (an awesome night!). Adam and Marc were celebrating on a boat, with guest-provided cabaret (brilliant), just down the river from Westminster (so we got to see the fireworks) and the party was a silver and black theme…

What a perfect excuse to get the silver ink out and play with my new 30-line (5inch) Stephenson Blake Grotesque wood type that I had recently snagged on eBay. I wanted to play on the traditional “Mr & Mrs” theme of weddings to emphasise that they were groom and groom.


photo 4-4

photo 3-1

I found some really nice and smooth black board (Silver ink loves a smooth surface) and got to work on the Farley. I was fully expecting to have to do a ‘double hit’ of the ink to get a good enough contrast, but after one impression I was really pleased with the coverage. The type was dirty and battered to hell, so it took a bit of makeready to get a solid print. some of the imperfections of the type still came through so my next plan is to give it a thorough cleaning before I use it again.


I even managed to track down a silver frame to match as well. We had a great night, honoured to be invited – the groom and groom definitely seemed to enjoy it! I wonder if the print survived the pissing rain and drunken antics on the way home…?! Thanks guys, and CONGRATULATIONS!



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  • Marc says:

    Rich, you absolute star – it was such a lovely gift, thank you so much.
    Glad you had a good time, and yes it survived the journey home and has pride of place on the wall.

  • Andy says:

    I am offended and ashamed to call you my friend!

    What have I taught you over the past year or two, where is the Ludlow? Karnak Obelisk none of that Rockwell rubbish!

    A great gift and I hope the happy couple enjoy it together.

  • Ha! Thanks Andy.

    My Ludlow isn’t ejecting the slugs properly and keeps ceasing up – I haven’t had chance to get to it for a few months to fix it! Hence the hand-set type.

    Plus, I have no Karnak matrices at all!!! Sad Face

    Adam, any time buddy – look forward to seeing you guys soon 🙂

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