More 3D scanning images

By September 11, 2012Equipment, Letterpress, Process

I got sent some more images of the scanning process of my broken bracket today from Materials Solutions. Here you can see the two broken pieces more clearly, and a close-up of the inclusion that caused the weakness in the part. There are also some images of the GOM scanner taking images of the individual parts, followed by a 3D render.

Note the small reference dots on the piece in the scanning images. The scanner takes multiple high resolution images of the part, which is rotated so that every section is captured. These reference dots allow the ridiculously clever software to automatically piece together multiple images to create a 3D surface model. Very, very clever.

The two separate parts of the broken ink disk bracket

Here you can see the ‘inclusion’ that caused the weakness in the casting. Note the darker rough area on the right of the breakage area. This suggests that there was an air bubble in the casting.

The GOM Scanner in action

Note the little registration stickers that are used for referencing when collating all of the scans into a 3D surface model

A 3D surface model from the scans