Made this print for our friends (The Meescombes). It’s a combination of their last names and they are just about to welcome their debut child into the world. With the upcoming birth, they wanted a print to go in their nursery.


I cheated a little bit, as I had originally wanted to print the back of wood type to create the gradient fill, but I ran out of time and ended up just rolling the ink it straight on to the paper. It was a heck of a lot quicker this way, and despite not being able to consistently achieve the same results, the coverage was exactly what I was after. I followed this up with a second colour of black for the letters to give a nice contrast with the bright yellow-blue gradient. Using some 12-line grot, this fit nicely over three lines.

I played around with a textured and smooth paper stock,, both with deckled edges and framed the best one up. Unfortunately, I gave it away before taking pics of the framed print (again). All in all, a fun little project…