Farley Proof Press feedboard – Making of

When I got my Farley Proofing press, it came without a feedboard, which is essential for using this machine efficiently. After contacting everyone I know and trawling libraries (St. Brides) and even chasing down an Australian owner of the same press, I could not find any documentation on this essential part anywhere. So, I decided to figure it out the hard way and make one. It turned out pretty well and I now have a fully functional press.

I’ve had a few people ask me how I didi it, so thought this may be useful to share with others, should anyone be in the same pickle. Below are some quick 3D sketches that explain the principles of the Farley 24a press’s feedboard construction. I haven’t put any measurements on these, as there are different bed sizes for these presses and I’d hate for anyone to make it the wrong size. I know, I did. That happened when I went to measure the feedboard at LCBA, who happened to own a bigger model. I said some bad words that day.

For reference, here is the feed board attached to my press, when it was still in storage…


Here’s me using the original Farley feedboard at LCBA to get measurements and understand the principle:


And below are the different views that explain the simple construction of the press. Get in touch if you need any more info!

Farley_ProofPress_Feedboard-05 Farley_ProofPress_Feedboard-03 Farley_ProofPress_Feedboard-04 Farley_ProofPress_Feedboard-01 Farley_ProofPress_Feedboard-02

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