Chase Base in the UK

Finally, there is someone in the UK offering a chase base and platemaking system similar to the well-know Boxcar sevice over the other side of the pond. I’d always been put off by the long delivery times and import tax from the USA so never ordered from them, in the hope that one day I would be able to find someone on these shores.

I present to you the Lyme Bay Press, who offer precision ground aluminium Chase Bases for small and large presses, with an anodised white grid for easy registration. They also offer a really great value platemaking, and the deal breaker for me was that they stock KF152 plates for deep relief. The reason these are so good is that you can cut through them (unlike steel-backed), which makes 2-colour registration much easier. Magical.

Having searched high and low for rubber-based inks I was also very impressed with the Vanson inks on offer in 1lb tins – perfect for a hobby printer like me who won’t get through that much ink over the cours of a year.

Check their website out and get in touch. Lyme Bay Press are a commercial print shop and have acted on the need for this service in the UK after waiting for it themselves. Peter was more than helpful over phone and email with my questions and I can’t wait to get my base delivered!