Welcome to Letterpresser*. I started this site when I got my first press as a way to help me document my adventures in print (the slower, more satisfying kind), and it’s evolved from there.

My name is Richard Small – That’s me on the left up there. I’m a Graphic Designer and letterpress printer. I live and work in London, England. I studied Typography at the University of Reading, graduating in 2007. My day job is as Art Director for Sony – you can see a bit of what I do there, here.

I first got into letterpress printing at university and after I left I became addicted to eBay and visiting random auctions. Due to this addiction, I have since obtained a number of pieces of letterpress equipment and type and am now using them whenever I get the chance as a great way to stop staring at my screen.

One of my favourite things about letterpress printing is the passionate community that surrounds it. It’s been great meeting like-minded folk either through this site, the Twitter, via snail mail, or at the occasional meet-ups. If you’d like to get in touch feel free to give me a shout.

*(I know that ‘letterpresser’ is not the correct term for me being a letterpress printer, but the URL was available, and I was new to the scene!)



  • Farley 24a galley proofing press (adjustable bed, size 550x600mm)
  • Arab Crown Folio platen, rescued from The Seabank Press
  • Cropper & Charlton Peerless No.2 treadle platen (11×7″ chase)
  • Small unknown galley proof press (fixed galley height, bed size 350x600mm)
  • Two Adana 8×5” tabletop platen presses
  • Adana 5×3″ tabletop galley press
  • Blockmaster eight-five hot foiling press

Type Casting

  • Ludlow Typograph
  • Five original Ludlow matrix cabinets
  • Extensive collection of matrices

Other equipment

  • Range of wooden and metal movable type stored in two type cabinets
  • Lead & furniture racking
  • Miller & Richards lever-operated guillotine
  • Ideal Guillotine
  • Various rollers, ink & sundries