2 colour printing

Finally had some spare time to get a but of printing done last week. A good friend of mine managed to get a new job so thought I’d knock together a quick card for her.

I’d wanted to try a certain technique for a while that allows you to print 2 colours from the same lockup that gives a nice effect. By using a bright base colour (I mixed a nice orange colour) and a dark second colour, it’s possible to give a really nice highlight to a print. All that has to be done is nudge the guides 12pt up and left (or play with some lead spacing in your forme) for the second print to get an accurate offset.

I learnt a bit about inks doing this. For my prints I used a mix of oil and rubber-based inks, without thinking too much about it. I now know that oil based ink, which I used for the orange colour, needs air to oxidise and dry. Rubber based ink, which was used for the black, needs to absorb into the paper to dry. Bugger. By printing rubber ink on top of oil ink I created a drying barrier!! It still dried out by the next evening but it’s good to note that one down for the future… Thanks to the guys over at The Counter Press for the help with that one.

I do love my little Adana!